Fran the Piano Man

Joni and Friends, a charitable national organization out of Chicago, hosted a wonderful retreat in the summer of 2011.  It was held at the stunning Maranatha Resort in Muskegan, MI right on the shores of Lake Michigan.  This retreat was designed for families of disabled and handicapped children to enjoy a Get-A-Way.  One of the evenings featured a MUSIC PERFORMANCE by Fran.  

The camp volunteers pitched in and watched the special needs children while the parents had a night of relaxation, conversation, and music.  There were many smiles, and many thanks.  These are the kinds of events that make my career worthwhile and gratifying.  
Maranatha Bible Camp and Resort
Summer 2011 - Muskegan, MI
Joni and Friends
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Fran was awesome! He was fun, friendly, energenic and I got so much great feedback from the couples who were priveledged to enjoy him. Our event even got moved indoors due to rain, and it was still a blast--thanks in a large part to  “Fran the Piano Man!”  :) Michelle T, Muskegon, MI