INFLUENCES:  Keith Emerson of ELP, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Beatles, Beethoven, Scott Joplin, David Lanz - New Age Artist, Vince Guraldi, David Benoit - Jazz Artists, Steve Walsh of Kansas, and many more.
I really enjoy Ragtime Piano styles.  You’ll always get a quick response any time you request Scott Joplin, or Honky Tonkin’ Saloon style piano.  I’ve worked with some great blues style guitarists in the past, who affected my playing style significantly.  Boogie Woogie, and Hoppin’ Swing Blues are part of my performance.

Being Classically trained in college also added a dimension that is evident in several New Age style pieces that I perform, and some I’ve written.  I’ll always offer a Classical Piece, or my version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Since the late 90’s to now, I have also been delving into jazz.  Some of my originals demonstrate this as well as covers I perform by Frank Sinatra, Gershwin, and Cole Porter.

Because I have never liked to be musically slotted, I have always strived to play multiple styles efficiently.  I hope you will find my years of focus to be comforting, and pleasurable.

Many years ago when piano bar was prevalent, I did quite a few evenings of Sing Along. A little place on 6th Street in Austin Texas broke me in quite well. TV theme songs were the hysteria, and I have found recently that they are still alive and kicking.  Once you get me started look out!

Come on out and visit, or contact me by email.

Fran the Piano Man

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