Cocktail Hour

Let me emphasize that I am very flexible.  I can play very nice mixtures of Jazz, New Age, and Classical, as PIANO ONLY.  Most of the time I perform a mixture of singing and some backing tracks that orchestrate and add fullness to the sound.  I even add TENOR SAX on some numbers. It is all done with care and finesse.  It is all designed to give your guests an opportunity to chat, interact comfortably, and enjoy the early portion of your evening.  Remember that I am here to fulfill your needs.  I want every aspect to be satisfying.  Tell me what you want!
Reception   ( Live & DJ )

I have done many receptions.  I am able to act as a live musician, or DJ.  For LIVE performance, I have over 150 backing tracks of Jazz, Pop Rock, Folk, Swing, and Ballads.  I am able to do live sets, followed by DJ sets featuring personally selected MP3s.  “Let’s Have Fun” is my motto.  Let me know how I can personalize your event to involve everyone.  It all takes planning and communication.  Let me be your Emcee.   

Fran the Piano Man

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